Pure Growth Organic Ginger Shampoo Bar

Pure Growth Organic Ginger Shampoo Bar

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  • Organic ingredients
  • Sulphate free
  • Vegan & Not Tested on Animals
  • No toxic chemicals: Parabens, SLS, SLES etc
  • No preservatives

100% Organic Ingredients

Enriched with organic ginger extract, ginseng, gardenia florida and shea butter, this Pure Revival shampoo bar is the perfect option that promotes hair growth by stimulating hair follicles.

Pure revival’s soothing ginger shampoo bar is very gentle on the scalp and hair. It repairs your hair and scalp whilst restoring essential nutrients.

Pure's shampoo bar doesn’t strip your hair of natural oils which dries your hair out and helps reverses common hair problems often caused by supermarket shampoos such as oily scalp, dandruff and frizzy hair

Our shampoo bars are versatile: You can use this bar as a shampoo, body and face wash! It can also be taken with you as a travel shampoo as it’s small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. But don’t let the size fool you, this shampoo bar lasts 2-3 months!

For best hair growth results: We highly recommend that this shampoo is used in conjunction with one of our nourishing conditioner bars and our ginger-oil based overnight hair growth oil.

Ginger Oil

Ginger is one of the best and most scientifically researched natural ingredients used to stimulate hair growth. It achieves results not just by stimulating hair follicles but also due to its potent antimicrobial and nourishing properties which help tackle hair fall and stimulate hair regrowth.

Ginseng Extract

Ginseng has been shown to promote hair growth in multiple recent scientific studies. This amazing extract has been proven to affect the follicle dermal papilla cells which are responsible for production of hair growth and development of hair follicles!

Gardenia Florida

Gardenia florida has antioxidant properties and is beneficial for protecting the skin by neutralizing free radicals that are present in the environment. This leads to healthier skin on your scalp, resulting in great hair!

No Harmful Additives

All our bars are organic and free from silicone, parabens and any other harmful ingredients that are commonly used in store-bought shampoos that are known to disrupt the normal functioning of hormone systems

We Do Not Test on Animals

We believe that animals should never sacrfice their well-being for the sake of beauty products, or any product! All our products are 100% vegan and curelty-free, we do not test our products on animals.

Before & After
Healthier Roots = Thicker & Longer Hair

Healthy hair starts at the root, at the follicular level. Pure's scientifically proven ingredients tackle hair growth deep in the rots which over time (ca. 6-8 weeks) leads to longer & thicker hair.

Save Money
Did you know?

Did you know that conditioner bars last 2-3 months compared to store bought products that generally last a month? It's a great way to save money on a good quality hair product that is also kinder to the enivonment by cutting down on wastage. The thin layer of recyclable plastic that coats the conditioner bar weighs 97% less than 2 conditioner bottles used over the same period.



Great customer service, fast delivery and the product smells lovely. I can see a difference in how quickly my hair grows. This is by far the best product I have found! I feel like it has also worked out cheaper for me as I use mine for a few months!

Debs J
Boscatle, UK

I was really struggling to deal with my post-partum hair loss. I was told that soon after birth it should naturally recover but it just didn't. I researched products and started using pure's ginger shampoo and overnight hair growth oil. 6 weeks in and I can see huge changes! Thank you so much xx

Katharina K
London, UK

I have suffered all my life with thin brittle hair. I was always so jelous of my sister who seems to have been born with naturally thicker hair. This shampoo changed everything for me :)

Birmingham, UK

Customer Reviews

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Pure revival ginger shampoo

I have been using this shampoo 3 months now and it is the most effective product I have ever encountered! I use it everyday! I would highly recommend this product!

Unexpected positive side-effect!

This shampoo is just amazing, I thought it would just be some other hair growth shampoo but not only is my hair growing more 6 weeks in, my hair is no longer dull and my scalp is no longer itchy which I did not expect!

I like it!

I really like it, it helps to improve my hair health!

Great product!

Great product, easy to use, doesn't leave your scalp or hair feeling oily or dry and my stylist told me at my last hair appt that I have tons of baby hairs all at about 3" long right now and I've only been using the product for a month! Overachieved what I expected tbh

Seeing Results! Post-Menopause hair!

I am post menopausal, 51 and have thinning and dull hair. I found this product and I am seeing results in just 5 weeks! Baby hair growth, slightly less shedding and fuller looking hair. I’m no longer quite as panicked as I was a month ago,! Super happy!

Just what I was looking for

Exactly as described, fast shipping and lovely customer service lady!

Found a gem!

It's so hard to find a product that is prganic, eco but also works really well! I have truly found a gem here!

Excellent results

This has become my favourite shampoo! Lathers up nicely, leaves a lovely smell and the ginger is known for growing hair, can't wait to see the results in the coming weeks! Will report back!


I used this for 2 months and I my feels so shiny and soft and it's grown faster than normal!

Great Product!

I love this product! I use it everyday. I noticed the first changed after 8 weeks.