What Strength Keratin?

0%, 5% or 12%

What Strength Keratin Treatment Should I Use?

We get asked a lot what keratin treatment is best for what type of hair!

Here are some guildelines to help you chose the right product for you:

12% Keratin

12% keratin is the strongest keratin product on the market. This is only suitable for hair that is afro-like and extremely curly with visible damage. This product is very strong and is not suitable for most people.

5% Keratin

5% keratin is for all other hair types from naturally straight hair to medium curls with visible damage. This product is suitable for most people that try our Keratin, so if you are unsure, start with 5%!

We encourage you to purchase this product first as it is suitable for most women and yields great results.

0% Keratin

This product is suitable for most hair types and is an option for those who prefer a very gentle treatment without any formalin.

This product is not suitable for golden blonde hair. All other keratin types (5% and 12%) are suitable for any hair colour whether natural or coloured.