PURE 5% Keratin Treatment

PURE 5% Keratin Treatment

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 PURE 5% Keratin Formula is one of the best at-home keratin treatments that is both effective but also gentle on your hair. PURE contains 5% hydrolysed keratin and will soften even the most frizzy and broken hair on a semi-permanent basis.

Pure Revival is just as effective as salon keratin treatments but at a fraction of the cost! Keratin treatments at top salons can cost a few hundred! 

Keratin treatments add shine, straighten hair & reduce frizz for 3-6 months.

After keratin treatment, it's recommended that you only use 'sulphate free' shampoos and conditioners. Follow up your keratin treatment with our 100% organic and sulphate-free shampoo bars and conditioners.


Results that Speak Louder than Words!

Say goodbye to bad hair days. Join the PURE REVIVAL tribe for beautiful frizz-free hair every day!

Salon results at home
Lush hair that lasts for months!

Repair your hair with keratin and lock in moisture that lasts months:

91% of women preferred the new Pure Revival over the old one they used

92% of women would recommend our keratin treatment to their friends

98% would buy the product again

100% claimed their hair dried faster after the treatment

What Do I Need?

At-home keratin treatment is very straightforward and only requires a few things to get you started!

You simply use the shampoo we provide in this set to cleanse your hair from any residue often left behind from conventional supermarket shampoos. After which you blow-dry your hair, apply the keratin provided and wait for a few minutes (20). After ca. 20 minutes blow dry your hair and straighten it for full results. Rinse the Keratin out after 72 hours to give it plenty of time to bond with your hair.

If you are unsure which product is best for you (5% or 12%), please take a look our guide available here

Keratin Treatment

Comb & Hair Dryer

hair straighteners


From naturally straight to medium curly hair with visible damage: 5% formalin

For extremely curly hair and afro hair or hair with a lot of visible damage: 12% formalin 

Please visit our guide for further guidance including images to find the right product for your hair:

Which Keratin Should I Use?

This is a salon-grade product which is quite strong, we therefore recommend that you start with 5% which is suitable for most people. We only recommend 12% for extremely curly and/or damaged hair.


Use standard store-bought shampoos not suitable for keratin treatment. Store-bought shampoos often contain sulphates which strip your hair of the keratin leaving it dry, frizzy, and unmanageable. All our organic shampoo bars are suitable for keratin treated hair. We recommend the Polygonum Shampoo bar which aids in locking in moisture.

STEP #1 Wash your hair twice with Purifying Shampoo (Included 3.38 fl oz 100 ml) to remove all residue build-up.

STEP #2 Dry hair with a hair dryer until completely dry.

STEP #3 Divide your hair into four sections. Squeeze a small amount of the keratin Treatment (2 to 3 fl oz) onto your glove-protected hand and apply to each section. Once the Keratin has been applied to all four sections, use a comb (1/2" sections) to evenly distribute the product from root to tip.

STEP #4 Distribute the PURE Keratin treatment even. For fine hair, leave in treatment for 20 minutes. For thicker/curly hair, leave it in for 30 minutes.

STEP #5 Blow dry your hair until completely dry again. Once hair is dry, take half-inch sections of hair and straighten each section 7-10 times. 

STEP #6 After 72 hours wash and moisturize your hair with our sulfate free shamoo & conditioner. Continue to do it regularly (3-6 months) to maintain your hair’s hydration and extend the results of your Keratin treatment. 

Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in your hair. Keratin seals your hair's protective outer layer to prevent moisture leaving your hair.

The process takes about 60 minutes.

Keratin treatments are safe however they should not be overused as this can lead to the opposite effect ,turning your hair dry and hard. Follow the instructions and only use it every few months.

Make sure you use the shampoo provided with the pack before using keratin and we highly recommend using our moisturizing shampoo and conditioner bars. In particular, our coconut conditioner is very hydrating for keratin-treated hair.

The higher strength keratin is very strong. Therefore, we always recommend starting with 5% as this is suitable for most hair.

Customers who suffer from sensitive skin and lung conditions should patch-test the product on their hand first before proceeeding with the treatment for 24 hours. Although very rare, like with any beauty treatment, if there is a reaction, immediatley rinse the product out and seek medical attention.

All the shampoos are suitable, however, our organic polygonum shampoo bar is the best for locking in moisture avialble here. Follow this up with our coconut conditioner bar for the best results.

Real Results that Last

"This treatment has saved me a lot of time and money. It's the first time any at-home treatment has had results similar to that of the salon i usually go to!"

Sarah Bose, East Sussex

Before & After

"Money has recently become tight so I started looking for at-home keratin. I'm really glad I found Pure Revival. I tried a few different ones. My hair is shinier and softer than ever! I like that is doesn't fall flat to my head like it used to. It's definitely as good as one of the more expensive ones I tried!

Nina Matthews



A great product without the chemicals. Cuts down spending hours at the salon and saves a lot of money three times a year. Left my naturally frizzy blonde hair silky smooth and very shiny.. I don’t know how long it will last but 4 weeks in and it’s just as good as day 1.

Lana M

So surprised with this. After years of spending a lot of money on Keratin treatments I thought I had nothing to loose by trying this! I was absolutely right! So impressed - I’ve got really short frizzy hair and this worked out great!

Maria F

Absolutely love this product. I have extremely frizzy hair and no amount of products against frizz will help if I go out and it’s humid. This has worked an absolute treat and will be using it all the time!

Juliana K

Customer Reviews

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Susan Miles

The bottle does not state what % it is .I ordered 5%

Michelle Mellor
glossy soft hair

worth the 72 hours of having gunky hair

S Smith
Pure Keratin treatment

This is a brilliant treatment, much cheaper than getting it done professionally and the same great results!


item was not received

Irene Kennedy
2nd purchase

I like this product - it smoothes my hair without making it poker straight and flat. This is my second purchase, one downside - the very strong chemical smell!

Amazing. Transformed my hair!!

Amazing product. First time ever I have been able to let my hair air dry. I now only wash it twice a week and the shine and growth is brilliant. Highly recommend

Lorna Notman

Never felt so better with my hair . No more fuzz no more straightening it daily no more afraid of going out in the rain 😊

Glenys Mchale
Miracle cure

waiting to see the long term result for frizzy hair, particularly with all the rain

Valerie Richards

Really good and easy to use. I can get 2 treatments from mine so very economical

Susan Simmons

Absolutely fantastic